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 AUTOMATIC GUIDED VEHICLES (AGV) travel on polyurethane wheels, without tracks, and can follow structured trajectories. Their deployments enables to optimize the layouts and facilitates the coexistence with persons and goods transport vehicles. This coexistence implies safety issues to which Bertolotti has found solutions by adopting safety-class laser scanners and eventual redundant devices and solutions in order to totally satisfy the essential requisites of machinery directive and health&safety regulations more in general.



• trajectory-follow technology • wheels’ speed control by interpolation • obstacles detection with automatic halting in case of collision danger


• individually motor driven wheels (for traction and slewing) • managing system to coordinate multiple AGVs operating in the same area • wireless data and signals (including safety certified protocols) communication system.


• ultimate generation battery for energy supply with level control • automatic battery recharging systems (opportunity/battery changeover)

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