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Each packaging line is tailor made for each individual project (type of packaging, material flow, lay-out constraints) and individual customer’s needs. Packaging facilities are included in the overall logistics concept to increase the productivity and efficiency of the packaging department; optimally organizing material flow and speed-up of packing tasks are key objectives.


flexible & semiautomatic

Packaging lines are essentially a combination of conveying equipment and dedicated ‘stations’ where manual packaging activities and automatic operations are integrated. The automatic tasks typically carried out are: • circumference strapping • through-the-eye strapping • coil outer body paper wrapping • through-the-eye film wrapping • coil outer body metal/plastic wrapping • label printing and label application

high standard
control system

Coil infeed can either be automatic (e.g. packaging line directly fed by a processing line or an automatic warehouse) or manual with overhead crane. Coil physical features (outer diameter, width, weight) are measured and identifying data (label scanning) are acquired at dedicated stations at the entrance in the packaging line. The packaging lines are enhanced by fully integrated control and data administration (‘tracking’) linked with the production management system


Our product range also includes: • metallic edge protections manufacturing lines • metallic shells (corrugated type) for seaworthy packaging manufacturing lines • metallic sleeves manufacturing lines • marking equipment

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