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BERTOLOTTI Spa creates a range of highly developed coil movement systems comprising walking beam and chain conveyors as well as sets of self-guided cars on rail-tracks. Rail-cars systems in particular satisfy the requirements of flexible complex logistic systems demanding inter-exchanges and cross movements within the plant.
The systems are modular and every individual car moves autonomously on predefined routes, accommodating layout constraints respecting synchronisations on the basis of a production program and according to the conditions and relevant obstacles along the route. The overall safety concept includes the appraisal of all dangerous conditions and subsequent identification of equipment, sensors, strategies and procedures to offset all existing critical factors and ensure 100% safe working conditions.



These systems are based on the latest and safest (hardwired/profisafe wifi) control and command technologies undertaking the definition of coil logistics, the analysis of optimum operation sequences, the rationalization of material flow, and the supply of all necessary equipment including automation.


All systems are fully inclusive of the automation technology necessary to control transfer, handling, supervision tasks and storage management. Future enlargements and alterations are always possible thanks to a scalable and flexible overall control system that coordinates every single vehicle’s operations.


Facilities are designed and built to suit the harsh working conditions which are normally encountered in the steel industry. A computerized system allows the real time tracing of every shifted product, allowing a remote operator to observe, analyse and condition the evolving situation.

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