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Bertolotti can design and supply de-chockers for work-rolls and backup rolls to relieve the roll shop from heavy-duty and hazardous activities, facilitate and make operations safe, with an outstanding improvement of production rate. The scope includes chocks and rolls handling devices (tongs, transfer cars, tilters, lifting beams etc…) and chock maintenance tools as well as work-rolls removing rigs, jib cranes, locking nut removal devices. The above set of devices allows to do away with hazardous operations with cranes and steel ropes enhancing safety while maximising throughput.


full manual-semiautomatic

De-chockers can be relevantly manually operated or endowed with semi-auto work sequences (automatic prepositioning and height adjustment) with operations featuring just 1 man. De-chockers can be complemented with laser metrology systems to enable measuring and profiling (diameters, axes and centers) during operations. The scope of supply and services can cover turn-key roll shops, inclusive of overall automation and tracking.

high extraction force
for blocked chocks

For backup roll de-chockers, extraction force can be as high as 100t (in the case of roughing rolls) allowing removal of stuck chockes without the need to engage the roll shop crane for generating shocks to release the chock.


floor mounted

De-chockers can be mounted on the roll shop floor or inside minimized civil works pits. Inspections on the top of the chocks and rolls is aided by ergonomic and safety certified mobile platforms.

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