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Goods handling needs absolute precision and smooth operations; overhead travelling cranes move along and reach
their position with absolute precision and speed control thanks to a special control arrangement that has been
created on purpose with decisions made in real time; our control devices use safety certified PLC and
multiprocessor computer with fast and safe memorization peripherals. All logistical tasks are executed in automatic
mode but manual operation is always possible whilst recording all manual movements.

Automatic Warehouses for the Iron and Steel Industry foster:
• safety
• efficiency (reduced man labour)
• traceability of all operations and data security (tracking)
• improved goods quality
• improved machinery life expectancy



The complexity of decision algorithms has been developed in collaboration with strategy scholars. The traceability is obtained by a secure identification of the product and by a verification of the compliance with the data.

automated technology

Monitoring in real time the operations in detail for a fast resolution useing technologies of Wi-Fi image transmission with optimized protocols. The safety is the most important thing of any automatic installation and it is guaranteed at any level: • the safety and the heath of people are guaranteed by certified devices • the machines integrity is guaranteed by control algorithms that avoid interfering movements • the data security is guaranteed by efficient systems

clients habits adaptability

The integration of existing computer systems for the management of the production and the dispatch, integrations of coil storage strategies is reached working with Client engineers.

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